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One Day Pass


Tabacon hotel guests receive complimentary access to the thermal experience during their stay. However, if you are just visiting the region for the day or if you have decided to stay in a different Hotel in Arenal, you still have the opportunity to spend it.

We strongly recommended reserving your day pass ahead of time, when planning your trip.

To insure a more relaxing and exclusive environment, Tabacon has significantly reduced the number of day guest allowed in the resort.

Many dates during the peak and high seasons sell-out well ahead of time.


Whether you come to Tabacon as a day visitor staying at other Arenal Hotels or you are our guest in one of our luxury hotel rooms enjoying your Costa Rica vacation, there are some suggestion and policies that we kindly ask you to observe. Please take a couple of minute to review the following, so as to ensure a memorable time in our Thermal Resort.

– Staying in the natural thermal pools for more than 15 minutes at time could lead to dehydration, low blood pressure, nausea and fainting, as our body temperature is lower than the water temperature.

– It is exactly important to be very aware while in the river, as currents vary

– For safety reasons we do not recommend that children under the age of 12 enter the waterfall areas.

– To properly enjoy the pools we recommend wearing bathing suits and comfortable water shoes, as areas can be slippery.

– Wearing water shoes is strongly recommended

– Constant supervision for children under 16 years old is required